Addictivesin's Goals
Author: noiett
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Personal Goal app

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Addictivesin's Goals

This is a custom version of Dream Goals for Gabbie's room.

Addictivesin's Goals is a powerful app that allows the broadcaster to run different types of Goals in the room. It includes a number of configuration settings and different additional features to help during the sessions such as tip responses, goal timer or a full ticket show.

This app can be run in 5 different main modes:

The modes Single Goal, Auto-Reset Goals and Goal Counter load the first Goal defined in the settings by default but a different Goal can be defined when the user loads these modes with the commands /goal , /rgoal and /cgoal.

The broadcaster can cancel the current mode or Goal any time just by loading a different one. So if there is a Single Goal running the only command needed to change to Multi-Goal is /mgoal, /counter to change to Tip Counter, etc.

Special features:

Quick start commands:
Goal Timer commands:
Ticket Show commands:

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