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Toy support, configurable info panel, notifier, goal, tip menu, leaderboard, whispering and more... NOTE: 2.5BETA is available, see description. View documentation here:

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All In One App v2.1.1 / 3 April 2019
"The last app you will ever need"
Written by _pi_

NOTE: Release 2.5 BETA is available HERE.

- Multiple toy info support - Customized tip levels for several toys
- Rotating shuffled notifier - A set of messages cycling randomly
- Tip menu (unlimited items) - A list of items users can tip for, no limits
- Tip goal (single and repeating) - Goals for all users to tip towards
- Configurable info panel - Define what you want to see in the info panel
- PM in chat (whispering) - Allow people to send private messages in chat
- Tippers Leader board - Keep track of a short list of highest tippers
- Single/Total high tippers - Keep track of highest single and highest total
- Auto thanks notices - A set of automatic thank-you messages for tipping users
- Room welcome message - A special welcome message for your audience
- Simple countdown timer - Use a timer, when needed
- User's tipped amount in chat - Show a user's total tip amount in their chat messages
- Dynamic help system - A built-in help system that adapts to settings and users
- And more... - With much more coming...

Full documentation is available - click the image (opens in new window)

If you find this app useful, please feel free to tip me any amount that you consider appropriate. :)

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