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101 Goals + Timer, Tip Excluder, Ticket Show (with pre-show price & after show starts price), and more!

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Last Updated: February 1, 2024

*** Multiple Goals, Excluded-Tips, Anonymous-Tipping, and Last Goal As Ticket Show Option ***

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Note: Alphagoals is a fork of Tip Multi-Goal (visit the orginal app to read its full description)

Broadcaster/Mods: type "/aghelp" to see the full commands-list.

For changes to original app, see fixes, improvements, and additions section, below.


- ADDED: option to exclude specific tip-amounts from counting towards your goals to stop the double-dip effect (example uses: tip menu tips, game-bot tips, raffle ticket tips, fund/wishlist tips, ticket-show presale tips, Snap tips, panties tips, custom video deposit/sale tips, etc.).

- FIXED: the situation where when a large tip amount meets more than one goal (when goal progression mode is automatic) the large tip messes up the goal/token-counter.

- FIXED: /addgoal and /delgoal -- dealt with the absence of a goal description. Delete forcefully deletes any partly achieved or achieved goals. Add on the other hand keeps excess tokens and counts it towards any new goals added.

- FIXED: loop holes in "/gift" hidden-show ticket command where a mod or fanclub member could technically "gift" tickets for hidden-shows to multiple people by leaving and entering the room repeatedly to get a new ticket then gifting it.

- FIXED: /addtokens and /removetokens update goals and change the room subject and the tips panel correctly.

- FIXED: now total tip count shows the actual tips received, not the virtual tokens (which are got through /addtokens or /removetokens -- done to adjust goals).

- ADDED: increased goal fields from 8 to 101 (provides more flexibility for creative-use of goals: example is having several small goals like unbuttoning several buttons on a blouse).

- ADDED: when a goal is reached the entire room is clearly notified in chat (see next item for added customization of this feature).

- ADDED: customizable field for the "goal reached" notices (acccepts both emoticons and text).

- ADDED: "/hasticket username" command (to check if a user has a ticket to the hidden show).

- ADDED: "/godark", "/disablegodark" and "/enablegodark" commands (for mods to hide the cam in situations where public-view is likely detrimental to the model: falls asleep, engages in another activity forbidden by site's terms or law).

- IMPROVED: removed/replaced "/reset" command and split its functionality into two parts: added "/resetgoals" command (restart from first goal without clearing tickets and leader board); added "/resettips" command (restarts from first goal and clears tickets and leader board).

- IMPROVED: commented out debugLog calls (should allow the app to work faster/more efficiently).

- IMPROVED: commands requiring a username can process @tagging using the suggestion-box for quick-entry (e.g. /admit @adcdefg)

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