Auto-Reset Tip GoaL
Author: gen0sc0ck_
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Short Description:

Reset the goal after every time it's reached.

Full Description

This app will reset the goal you set for you every time you reach the goal.
This can be really useful if you want to do something where the goal is repetitive!
Also, you can see in the panel the following things:
- Tip Received / Goal (Total Received)
- The number of times the goal was reached
- How many minutes ago the goal was reached last

Broadcaster Commands:
- !settok# (# = number) = Set the number of tokens received to display.

- !setreached# (# = number) = Set the number of times the goal was reached (Resets the tokens received.)

Please tell me if you find any bugs...

Hope you enjoy this app! :)

Edit (04/12/2012): The app was tested on the testbed and it works completely!

Edit (04/11/2013):
- Added a message to the broadcaster on which user has hit the goal.
- Fixed the number naming issue (21st, 22nd, 23rd).

Edit (08/11/2013):
After seeing the app crash for unknown reasons added broadcasters commands to update the number of tokens received or the number of times the goal was reached.

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