CB Fighter
Author: zingknaat
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Short Description:

Entertain your guests with a fight. It's like Street Fighter, but on CB!

Full Description

This is like the CB version of Street Fighter (with less moves). Instead of pushing buttons on a controller, you type the available moves.

A "normal" move will decrease the opponent's strength by 1% (if it's a slap) and 2% (if it's a punch or kick). A "special" negative move will decrease their strength by 10%. However, a "special" positive move (blowjob) will INCREASE their strength by 10%.

- /challenge <username> - To challenge someone in the room. For example: /challenge zingknaat
- /moves - To see the list of moves

- Bug fix

- Added scoreboard
- Added 4 new moves
- Added Fatalities
- Bug fixes

If you've found any bugs or have suggestions, please feel free to post a comment below.

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