Collaborative Goals
Author: boondog19
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Team work makes the dream work

Full Description

Collaborative Goals is an app that lets the broadcaster set all of a show's goals at once and have them automatically cycle through as they are hit. Each goal has two components: a token amount and a tipper amount. Suggested by a popular Chaturbate model, the purpose of the app is to encourage more people to contribute towards the goal in a collaborative effort.\


The app lets the broadcaster set up all of her goals at the beginning of the show. Once the app is running, goals may be added, edited, skipped or removed. In addition to a token amount for the goal, to complete a goal a set amount of unique tippers must contribute towards the goal. This encourages more people to contribute towards the goals and fosters a more collaborative feel rather than having one or two big tippers carry the show.

Available Commands

The app contains numerous commands. To view the full list of available commands use the /goalhelp command while the app is running.

Additionally, the broadcaster may designate one or moderators to have broadcaster level access, which will grant them the ability to alter the app settings while the app is running.

If you find this app to be useful and or you have suggestions please leave a comment or tweet me @boondog19. I would love to hear from broadcasters who are using this app.

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