Competitive Goals
Author: boondog19
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Short Description:

Pits two competing goals or teams against each other.

Full Description

Competitive goals is designed to bring out the competitive nature in tippers. The broadcaster can set two different goals or create two different teams to compete head to head against each other to see which side is victorious.

The two types of goals are:

Goal race: A race between the two different teams or goals. The first one to the finish line wins.

Tug-of-war: Two different teams or goals battle back and forth to determine the winner. Tug-of-war is my personal favorite and works best in rooms that are both competitive and evenly matched. (Also, it has the potential to make the broadcaster more tokens as the two sides battle back and forth.)

Timer: A timer can be set (/goaltimer) to put a time limit on the goal. This way, if things slow down you can still reach goal. The team in the lead when the timer expires, wins.


In the event a person forgets to vote, a notice is sent to the viewer giving him a second chance to register his vote. People forget to vote all the time, so this at least gives the person no excuses not to vote. Also, in the event he still
cannot grasp the concept of voting, the broadcaster or moderators with brodcaster level access, may use the '/adjust' command to vote for him.

The broadcaster may designate a "trustworthy" mod to have access to various functions such as changing the subject while the bot is active. Useful for times when the subject needs updating, but the broadcaster is busy. (Also, useful for correcting typos that the broadcaster made in setting up the subject.)

If you find this app to be useful and or you have suggestions please leave a comment or tweet me @boondog19. I would love to hear from broadcasters who are using this app.

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