DJ Lovense Tip Multi-Goal
Author: smoker919
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The safe, secure, and open version of DJ Lovense Tip Goal

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This app is also available as a V2 app. The V2 app is recommended over this version.

This is a safe, secure, and open version of DJ Lovense Tip Goal. I reverse engineered it from the original DJ Lovense Tip Goal which means I copied the external behaviour of the original app without ever needing to see its source code.

But why is a safe and secure version of DJ Lovense Tip Goal needed?

While the original DJ Lovense Tip Goal has a delightful aesthetic, it nonetheless contains malicious code and should be considered a privacy risk. At a minimum, it will spam you and/or cease functioning if you make someone a moderator whom its author doesn't like and has put on a private blacklist. This intentional overriding of your choices and substituting its author's choices is the definition of malicious intent. There are rumours of yet worse abuses and invasions of privacy involving DJ Lovense Tip Goal, but this one is demonstrable and has been documented and reported to CB Support.

In addition, unlike the original DJ Lovense Tip Goal, there are no hidden features in this version. Everything this app does is discernible from the source code. Moderators and others are not given any special privileges.

As said, this app is the product of reverse engineering DJ Lovense Tip Goal. I released it open source (i.e., so that everyone can see the source code) to provide an assurance to you that your safety and privacy matters to some developers and to demonstrate that we can produce cool and functional apps while still maintaining respect for you and your viewers. If trust and privacy are important to you, then I strongly urge you to only use open-source apps and to encourage other app developers to release their apps open souce. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk about open-source software development (see below).

Differences to DJ Lovense Tip Goal:
* "Tip Goal Type" setting is now just called "Theme"
* Minor spacing changes to clean up the overall presentation
* Proper support for anonymous tipping
* Validation of goals and reporting of errors

Some transition timings may also be a little different to DJ Lovense Tip Goal but this app should still feel the same if not better.

About the author:
I am a professional software developer and manager. I was initially inspired to start writing apps on CB to help my favourite model manage certain features of her room and coordinate special shows, but now I find great satisfaction in contributing to the community at large. Please feel free to DM me ( or contact me on Telegram (@smoker919) to ask questions, report defects, make suggestions, request features, or inquire about custom apps. You can find other apps that I have written by searching for my username in the apps list. I hope that you enjoy my contributions to the CB community!

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