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Single Goal or Multi-Goal App with lots of personalization

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This Tip Goals / Multi-Goal App is available to everyone for public use, developed by CB users butter_my_toast ("butter") and chelsea2950 ("chelsea").
Current Version: 2.1 (revised April 8, 2021). The Change Log of fixes and enhancements in each release is at the bottom of the page.
Please follow us on twitter @thechelsea2950 for app and bot updates, and also let us know if you find any issues or have recommendations for improvement, we appreciate your feedback!
Version 2.0 was a significant change to the App, bringing it up to date with the current features in the Progressive Goals portion of Dorothy's Ultra App. Please review the features and your current settings!

While the source is kept open for the reasons noted below, which makes it easy to copy and modify this for individual cammers (which is ok to do), please keep in mind that by doing so you'll miss out on fixes and new features that are added to the public App.
If you have a recommendation for something you would like added, please let us know and if it makes sense, we'll put it in the public App so you can continue to take advantage of the latest version.
We've also created a Twitter DM group for users of the Apps and Bots we've written, please message us on twitter and let us know if you'd like to be added to the group.
In that group you'll receive notifications on new features, get tips and tricks, be able to provide feedback on them and request enhancements, and take part in discussions on how they can best be used.
There is also a Discord server, please let us know if you'd like an invite to join there as well.
Finally, check out our bios for other useful tips and general info about CB and broadcasting, great for new cammers! or

The following Topics are covered below
- Tips for using this App
- List of all App features
- Personalization - colors, emojis, etc
- Command List
- Release Notes for recent versions
- The Dorothy apps and bots

App Tips

  1. The launch page is divided into three sections.
    -- The first section has the settings you would likely change frequently for variety, such as the show description, if you're counting up or down, and how to handle the movement from one goal to the next.
    -- The next section is the goals themslves
    -- The final section is for personalization, where you can change various settings to make the bot look and behave exactly how you want. This includes subsections for room title settings, colors and themes, and draw panel settings.

  2. It's important to enter the goals in the slots 1 thru 10 (or 20) in the order they will be performed during the show (unless using the "select next goal" option in Progressive Goals). You can either specify a final goal in the room description, or set it as the last goal defined in the settings.

  3. You can put a negative sign in front of the amount for a goal to temporarily disable it without deleting it.

  4. Most of the configurations you set on the launch page can be changed during the show with commands so you don't have to restart and lose tip counts and other in-show data. However, the changes you make using the commands within a show are not permanently updated to the start page - you have to make those changes there for them to be saved.

  5. See the "Personalization" section below for more detail on themes and color settings in general.

  6. Moderator trust levels were also added in version 2.0, be sure to read the below details on that feature.

  7. We've also added the ability to control your background and text color in the draw panel, if you'd like a personalized background, just contact us, and if you'd like to make it yourself, send us a 270 x 69 pixel image to use as the background.


  1. Set your room title in setting "1A". Addional options for formatting are in section 3.

  2. "Next Goal" behavior is selected in setting "1B" - You can choose oto have the app automatically start the next goal in sequence (excess tokens from the first goal carry over), or have the app wait after a goal is finished and only start the next one when you're ready and enter a command, or have the app show you the goal list and let you select which goal you want to do next. With the third option, you can go in any order or repeat goals - note that the app will not go to "All Goals Complete" in this mode since you're always allowed to choose another goal.

  3. Goals can count up or down as configured in setting "1C"

  4. Configure up to 20 goals, use a negative amount to temporarily disable it.

  5. Add a welcome message if you don't already have one in another app or bot you are running

  6. Several different options for personalization (more detail in later sections):
    -- Set your display name if you want it to be something other than "broadcaster" or your room name
    -- Add a welcome message if you don't already have one in another app or bot you are running
    -- Set a moderator trust level - see further details in the section below
    -- Format your room title, you can control what information is shown (user-entered test, current goal, and next goal), which order it is shown, and if the remaining tokens to goal are included.
    -- Configure the recurring notice for goal information to include the goal list, format the border, use a color theme and pattern, and set the recurrence interval
    -- Choose a background panel and text color for the panel where the goal progress is displayed


One of the strengths of all of the Dorothy Apps and Bots is the ability to personalize them to make the appearance of chat messaging and panel background unique to your room.
Each of the sections below goes into more detail on these topics:

A. Colors and Themes

There are few concepts to follow with regard to defining your colors within the App.
Note that these same themes are avaialble across all of the "Dorothy" apps and bots, so you can easily present a consistent look and feel to the messaging in the chat even when multiple apps and bots are used together.
-- Color themes will be used for the recurring notices and the goal completion notices
-- The color theme can also be customized with up to three background colors and a text color
-- You can apply the gradient effect (gradual color fade) to all of your individual background color settings or use a solid color for custom colors... the predefined themes all use a gradient color
When selecting custom colors, for themes or indiviudal feature settings, you must use what are known as "hex codes" for each color.
These codes are in the format of a # sign followed by 6 alpha-numeric characters, hence the term hex".
For example, the code for white is "#ffffff", and the code for one common shade of red (there are thousands) is "#ff0000".
In order to use the correct code, you'll need to look up your code and enter it in the app launch page where there are custom color settings available.
Note that is a good site for looking up the hex color codes for the colors you'd like to use.
There is also to see how multi-color gradients backgrounds will look.
These are just some suggested sites, there are plenty more available if you do a search online.

B. Emoji's

Emoji's can be used in a couple places in the App, primarily goal text and the border on several of the recurring notices.
Some commonly used Emojis's and unicode characters are listed below, however this is just a few, there are tons of emojis available, and you can browse a more complete list here: oji-list.html ...or elsewhere, just search for "emoji list" on google.
I've chosen to list the fairly generic ones that are mostly symmetrical. Simply drag your cursor over each to highlight and then copy and paste the emoji into the launch page or your room title to use it.
You can also use the /emojis command in the app to see the same list.
Note that there are only certain ones that can be used in your room title, as the more complex ones will not display, and those are repeated on separate lines as well.

Random 1:
Random 2:
Gifts & Awards:
Sports & Gaming:
Unicode characters and the following emojis can be used in your room title:
Unicode characters:
Room Title Set 1:
Room Title Set 2: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

C. Background Panels

The area (usually) underneath the video stream where the current goal or ticket show status are displayed is call the Draw Panel.
The Tip Goals App has several different predefined panels that can be displayed here as a background to the text, and you can also have a custom one made.
The option "My Custom Panel" is selected if you have your own panel uploaded into the App (must be coded into the App), if you use this option without having your own panel, it will just use the default panel.
If you would like to submit a custom panel to be added for your room, the graphic must be 270 x 69 pixels, contact us here or on twitter to arrange adding it.
To see the full list of the available panel backgrounds, they are shown here: othys-tip-goals/
Unfortunately this page only lists the CB file names, and does not show the names of the panels used in the app, but you should be able to narrow it down by the descriptions in the choices.
If you just have an idea for a theme for additional panels to be added, let us know. We've tried to include most major holiday themes, and are open to adding more.

Moderator Trust Levels

Moderator Levels let you identify how much your mods can do based on a trust level. These rules apply to both mods assigned in CB and App mods.
Essentially, "Basic" level lets them use low-risk level features, "Standard" gives more authority to more commands, such as editing the content of goals and managing your ticket shows, and "Advanced" lets them act on your behalf and do nearly everything the broadcaster can do with the app as far as commands go.
However note that it is *not* possible for a bot or app to give authoirty to other CB functions that a broadcaster does, like ban people from the room, start private or group shows, etc.
The default setting is "Standard", but you can decrease it if regularly assign new mods and don't want them to have a lot of authority, or increase it if you have trusted mods that manage your show for you.

"Basic" Moderator Abilities
- Use the List Goals and List Remaining Goals commands
- Update the room title and other goal related text
- Display the emoji list
- Access the moderator help page

"Standard" Moderator Abilities
- All "Basic" ablities plus the below
- Edit and maintain goals, restart a goal
- Update the panel background and text color
- Update the theme color (background and text)
- Skip and manually advance goals
- Manually add tips to a goal

"Advanced" Moderator Abilities
- All "Standard" ablities plus the below
- Reset the current app feature and start over

Only the broadcaster can use the /setmodlevel command to update the moderator trust level setting during the show.


Most of these are available for moderators and broadcasters only, with some exceptions. Note that you can also type "/goalhelp" within the chat to see the list of commands as well.
Any changes you make with commands are not stored permanently, they are only stored within the current session.

  1. /skip: Used to bypass the rest of the current goal and start the next goal.

  2. /next: Used to advance to the next goal once the current goal is complete when not configured for automatic advance.

  3. /addtips [tokens]: Simulate users having tipped and advance the token count within a goal. Indicate the number of tokens you are adding as the [tokens] parameter, and note the value can be negative to subtract. You can add more than the current goal, but you cannot subtract less than has been tipped in the current goal.

  4. /listgoals (also /lg): List the current full set of the goals. Add the "all" parameter to send it to everyone.

  5. /listremgoals (also /lrg): List the remaining goals. Add the "all" parameter to send it to everyone.

  6. /goal [goal]: Used to manually select the next [goal] once the current goal is complete, when auto advance is turned off. You can choose a new goal or one that was already completed.

  7. /restartgoal : If you'd like to repeat a goal (common if you have a single goal you're recycling), you can use this command at any time to reset the tip count on the current goal to 0 (even if already complete)

  8. /setgoal1, /setgoal2, /setgoal3...(thru /setgoal20) [goal] [description]: These are the commands that let you edit the goals for your show. Both the [goal] and [description] parameters must be entered every time and will update both values. Note this is also only a temporary change made within the session, it does not permanently update the launch page config.
    -- The 1-20 designation as part of the command identifies which entry you are modifying.
    -- The [goal] parameter is the new value you are setting for the goal amount. Even if you are not changing the goal (only changing the description, you must still enter the existing value for the goal.
    -- The [description] Parameter is the new value you are setting for the goal description. Even if you are not changing the description (only changing the goal amount), you must still enter the existing value for the description.
    -- An example of the syntax for this command would be "/setgoal4 400 Blow job", which would set goal 4 to be a Blow Job once you reach 400 tokens.
    -- Note that you can't make updates to the current goal or past goal, only future goals.

  9. /rmvgoal [level]: Remove the goal entry for goal level of [level] (amount and description are both removed). Note this is also only a temporary change made within the session, it does not permanently update the launch page config.

  10. /setroomtext [newtext]: Update the user-entered text that is part of the Room Title.

  11. /resetapp : Reset the to the very beginning, starting over at goal 1.

  12. /chgpanelbg [imagename]: Change the background of the drawpanel to one of the valid images. Images are updated regularly, so you can see the current list by entering this command with no parameter and the error message will show the current valid choices. Note that you can also see the images by going to the 'Source Code' tab for the app and clicking the link for 'App Images'.

  13. /paneltext [newcolor]: Change the color of the text in the drawpanel to either a hex code (#0000ff) or the exact text of one of the color choices from the menu ('Dark Green', 'Dark Red', etc). You can lookup hex codes for any color on a site such as Color-hexa:

  14. /textposn [X]: Update the default setting for whether the General Text shown across all App features is shown at the beginning or the end of the room title. Valid values for the X parameter are "0" for the beginning and "1" for the end of the room title.

  15. /setmodlevel [1,2 or 3]: Update the moderator trust level. Values are 1=Basic, 2=Standard, 3=Advanced. See the "modlevels" section above for more detail on what each level includes.

  16. ** You can also type /about or /modlevels to see additional help information on those topics.

Latest enhancements and fixes:

April 8, 2021 Version 2.1 (current version):
- Update the notice borders to be better aligned
- Update "help" and "about" text, and places where long goals may be displayed to have word wrap functions
- Default to color theme of "Shades of Blue"
- Rearrange and group the settings in section 3 for personalization, remove redundant color settings, don't need Tip Goals color setting + theme since only one feature in this app

April 2, 2021 Version 2.0:
*** Note that this version includes significant changes, and has brought this app current with the features and look and feel of Doorthy's UltraApp.
Below are the highlights of what is now included:
- Added choice for whether Goal will count up or count down.
- Added new option for what to do at end of each goal, you can now choose which goal from the goal list you would like to do.
- Added color theme feature.
- Added gradient color patterns for all notices.
- Added configurable formatting of the room title.
- Added more panel backgrounds.
- Added Word wrap function for long text lines, which is currently only used for the user Welcome message in the Tip Goals, all other recurring messages are static length and not wrappable.
- Added recurring goal notice borders.
- Added /emojis command to display some commonly used emojis and unicode characters in the chat, which you can then copy and paste into chat messages, goals, room titles, etc.

Note: Older release notes have been archived to save space.

Dorothy's Apps and Bots

The purpose of this Tip Goals App is to provide many of the most commonly used multi-goal related features in one place, and give broadcasters and their trusted moderators the ability to change many of the settings, list of goals, prizes, etc without restarting the App.
The "Dorothy" set of apps and bots are intended to be used in one of two ways that are generally based on your experience level, appetite for using commands, and the abilities of your moderators and what you want to entrust them with.
For the most part, the apps and bots all work together and shouldn't conflict, except where there are specific known challenges noted below.

Below is a quick guide to our two suggested approaches for using apps and bots. This particular App typically falls under Strategy 2:

Strategy 1: Use a single set of apps and bots to do everything

- Use the same set of bots and app for every show (there is still flexibility within each to do different types of shows), but you don't have to pick and choose new apps and bots for each show.
- Usually for more experienced cammers or broadcasters who are willing to spend significant time getting their room just the way they want it
- Have a reliable moderator or group of moderators that you trust to run the show for you
- Are comfortable using commands and prefer to make changes using commands versus starting/restarting an app or bot to change how it functions
- Would like to have fanclub or VIP access benfits but don't want to set up those lists in several differet bots that all work differently

If this strategy sounds like you, it would be recommended to use the following set of apps and bots:

Dorothy's Ultra Fembot (bot) - For chat control and other chat information like tip menu, token poll, etc
Dorothy's UltraApp (app) - To drive the type of show (goals, ticket, etc.)
(optional) Dorothy's Gamebot (bot) - For fun - about 10-15 games included in one place (dice, wheel , keno, charades, etc)

Strategy 2: Use individual Apps and Bots for the features you want to use

- New to CB and don't know alot about apps and bots yet, so give me the simple approach.
- Spend minimal time setting each one up
- Like to have more robust features in each individual bot, for example a bigger tip menu than is available in the Ultra Fembot, or more notifiers, etc. The UltraApp is already quite large, so we've tried to not make it even larger by giving the absolute most choices for each of those features.
- Don't rely on moderators and would like to switch out apps and bots when you want to do something different
- Don't like to use commands, would rather restart an app or bot when changes need to be made.
- Don't really use fanclubs extensively

If this strategy sounds like you, it would be recommended to use the following set of apps and bots:

Dorothy's Easy Fembot (bot) - For chat control and basic tip tracking and messaging features. Still keep this running the whole show, but swap out the other apps and bots as needed below.
Dorothy's Tip Goals (app) - To do typical goal shows (Currently this is the only stand alone "Dorothy" goal app, additional goal types will be split out from the UltraApp in the near future)
Dorothy's Token Poll (bot) - Turn on a token poll to vote for options by tipping
Dorothy's Text Poll (bot) - Turn on a token poll to vote for options by typing a number
Dorothy's Tip Menu Pro (bot) - Two available menus of xx and xx slots
Dorothy's Notices and Room Rules (bot) - Disply rotating notifiers, room rules, user entry welcome message
Dorothy's Lush Bot (bot) - Can be used to display a toy menu for all Lovense Toys
Dorothy's Ticket Show (app) or Dorothy's Easy Ticket show (app) - Run a ticket show - the "easy" version only needs a price and description as input.
Dorothy's Dice Game (bot) - Basic Roll the Dice bot

Another more general reason to use the "Dorothy" apps and bots is that we started doing our own development to create apps and bots that do not have developer backdoors giving people you don't know authority or special access to your show.
As you can see, the source for our apps an bots will always be visible so you can see exactly what it's doing, we don't encode it or try to hide the source like many others do.
There is no special access for any user IDs, including our own.
Please check out the below links, which will display the full listing of apps and bots that we have made.

Apps: /0/chelsea2950/
Bots: /1/chelsea2950/

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