Flexible Tip Jar
Author: sexypokeahontas
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Flexible TipJar app with optional draining

Full Description

Full credit to BoobiesTrap's TipJar App here:
https://chaturbate.com/apps/app_details/ boobiestraps-tipjar-app/?version=&slot= 0

I just rephrased some words.

This app provide a tip jar that collects any incoming tips.
It features "draining" aka "keep it going" with a preview of how long tokens in the jar will last. All messages (chat, room topic, app panel) will always adjust to whatever mode the jar is running in.
All settings can be changed at runtime using commands (see below).

If you use this app with any of my bots, commands featured by multiple bots/apps are disabled on all but one automatically.


Returns the jar to empty. Any settings on start amoutn and draining will be kept.

Sets the jar to include tokens.

ENables draining (if disabled) and sets the drain rate to 1 token every seconds. Fractional seconds are allowed. Set it to 0 to disable draining.

Sets the amount that has to be collected before it starts draining to tokens. Set it to 0 to always drain.

Changes the room topic to

Sends a notice to all Players. Formatting is possible:
- specify +c before the text to set the text color.
- specify +b before the text to set the background color
- specify +w to set the font weight
You can also specify ~orange, ~red, ~green or ~cyan to send the notice to all users with that color.

/notice Hey y'all! Got tip, it's fun, trust me!
(sends "Hey y'all! Got tip, it's fun, trust me!" to all users, dark blue text on yellow background (default settings)

/notice ~red +b#e99 Hello Moderators!
(sends "Hello Moderators!" to all moderators, black text on light red background)

/notice ~blue +wbold +cblue Thanks, tippers!
(sends "Thanks, tippers!" to all dark blue users, bold blue text on white background)

/set /get /load and /unload can control the internals of the app. No documentation as of yet.

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