GoalCounter-MMB v2.2
Author: 19mow89
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Short Description:

Simple Auto-Reset-Goal App

Full Description

Simple AutoReset Goal App

7 Color-Schemes:
yellow, green, orange, red, purple, pink and the orginal Chaturbate-Color-Scheme

4 different Progress-Bars
Chose between "Stars" "Shades" "Hearts" or "Blocks"

Trusted-Mod Feature
Broadcasters are able to grant their Moderators privledges to use special Commands to make the Broadcast go even smoother.
(they are listed below)


Full Command-List:

----- commands available for the Broadcaster and the Trusted-Moderartor(s) -----

(shows a list of Stats like: Highest Tipper, highest Single-Tip, total number of Tippers etc...)

(shows a List of Tippers towards the Goal)

(makes you able to change the Theme during the Show --> Example: /goaltheme red )

(makes you able turn off the Goal-Announcements --> Example: /goalannounce off)

(makes you able to change the Subject --> Example: /subject Tease @ Goal )

----- commands useable for everyone -----

(to get a List of all Commands during the Show)

/goalhelp about
(Developer/Editor-Credits + Suggestion-Contact)


Credits to boondog19 for the original "Goal Counter" and to mainmonkeybuisness for doing the biggest part of the work on this Version

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