Keep It Going
Author: acoola
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Short Description:

If the tips keep coming in, then the show will continue.

Full Description

This app allows the performer to set a starting goal for their show. Each tip is added to a tip jar, and once the audience reaches the performers starting goal, then "Tip Jar" will start to empty. The jar will empty at an interval (in seconds) and quantity (Number of Tokens) that is set by the performer.

This app is designed to keep people tipping.

Change Log:

Version 1.0
Initial Release. Set Tip Jar, Reduce Speed, Reduce By

- ACoola

Version 1.1
Added Room Subject Line Option
Broadcaster panel stats added, including Total Tips
Room Subject changes depending on Tip Jar


Version 1.2
Added 'help' and 'stats'
Broadcaster/Mod ability to change Emptying Tip Jar speed


Version 1.3
Removed Initial goal limit reset
If tip jar empties, app doesn't go back to Initial Goal


Version 1.4
Added extra controls (Fastest, Slowest, Pause, Resume)
Developer chat color change to help broadcaster/mods with app.


Version 1.5
Changed panel to display the biggest tipper instead of last tipper.
Big tipper gets name highlighted when chatting
Ability to see what each person has tipped using '/tokens'


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