Leaky Bucket
Author: boondog19
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Short Description:

Viewers tip to keep the bucket from draining. Also, the broadcaster can set additional goals and fully control the app while running.

Full Description

The Leaky Bucket App is an app where viewers tip to add tokens to the bucket. As long as the bucket has tokens (and the broadcaster doesn't get bored and switch it off, the show continues. Also, the broadcaster may set a series of additional goals that automatically update once they are hit. There are similar apps on Chaturbate, but this one is actively maintained and by far the best (totally unbiased opinion).


The various setting can be adjusted while the app is running. This is particularly useful if the broadcaster wishes to adjust the rate of withdraw or add more tokens to the bucket while the app is running. Furthermore, the broadcaster may assign one or more mods to have broadcaster level access so that they can adjust the settings for the broadcaster while she is busy.


The broadcaster may wish to set additional goals while the app is running. There is an option to set up to 4 different goals on the launch page. Once a goal is reached it will automatically move to the next goal if there is one. The broadcaster may set different tip amounts for each goal as the goal amount resets each time it is reached. This is beneficial in that it keeps the token amount low, which has been proven to have a psychological affect on tipping.

Additionally, the broadcaster may skip the current goal while the app is running or add additional goals. If a goal is skipped the tokens from the previous goal are automatically credited to the new goal. Conversely, if a new goal is started while there isn't a current goal, the tokens amount is reset to zero.

Available Commands

If you find this app to be useful and or you have suggestions please leave a comment or tweet me @boondog19. I would love to hear from broadcasters who are using this app.

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