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Nice animated premium panels for your room (with antispam).

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BETA Version - This app may contain errors

This "ALL IN ONE" app allows you to place a beautiful and eye-catching animated panel to make your living room look more beautiful.

NOTA: Si quieres usar Lovense Plus! en Espaol. Por favor, clic aqu para ir al enlace de la App.

In addition, the panel can be configured to:




App features

Comandos disponibles:

* The trusted user is added from the Lovense Plus! options.

How do I activate the antibot?

Go to "option #9" called "Captcha" and set the option to "Yes" to activate it.
This option forces 'GREY USERS' entering the room to enter a 4-digit number randomly created by the application itself. If the grey user enters the 4 digits correctly, they will be able to use the chat. If they enter the 4 digits incorrectly, their messages will not be posted in the chat until they enter the 4 digits correctly. Ideal for models who have more than 30 users in their room.
Enjoy the app which will soon receive more updates and new animated panels.


The application may conflict if you run other BOTS with features already implemented in Lovense Plus! such as:

Animated panels available


Bettie Page

Happy girl

Sweet Kiss 1

Sweet Kiss 2

Happy Birthday 1

Foot Fetish 1

Foot Fetish 2

Foot Fetish 3



Halloween 1

Halloween 2

Halloween 3

Happy New Year

Hello Kitty 1

Hello Kitty 2

Hello Kitty navideo

I love you 1

Independence Day (United States)


Jessica Rabbit 1

Jessica Rabbit 2

Lola Bunny


Merry Christmas 1

Merry Christmas 2

Merry Christmas 3

Merry Christmas 4

Merry Christmas 5

Puppy in love

Pucca 1

Pucca 2

Saint Patrick

Sexy Bunny



Unicorn 1

Viva Colombia

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