Pigley Multi Goal++
Author: pigley_friend
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Tip Multi Goal from Pigley

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Pigley Multi Goal v.1.0.12

Tip Multi Goal App from Pigley


Custom Bot Icon.
Custom Bot Colors.
Repeating Goal n times with a different Goal Description for the repeating series last item.
Optional Set of Room Subject at Every Tip / Goal Reached.
Optional Set of Room Subject Tags.
3 Different operation when Goals are reached: Nothing, Restart, Repeat Last Goal
37 Different Panel choices: 37 cool Gifs, NoGif - using the Bot Colors - and Classic you can change when app os running
Panel Colorization choices: Using the Color Scheme setting or the defined Custom Colors, White and Black
Panel Background Style: Using Solid Color from the Scheme, Alternate row Dark/Light/Dark, Alternate row Light/Dark/Light

/pghelp : Shows a list with all Pigley Multy Goal commands.
/pgskip : Skips the current Goal and move to the next one.
/pgset [Goal Description] /a [Goal Amount] : Creates a Goal 'on the fly' and make it active - the actual goal will be the next one
/pgreset : Restart the Goal(s) from the first one
/pgpanel0 : Set Default Platform Panel - CLASSIC
/pgpanel1 : Set Panel PIGLEY
/pgpaneln : Set the Next Panel
/pgpanelp : Set the Previous Panel
/pgpanel99 : Set Panel _NOGIF_
/pgcolor0 : Set Panel Colorization using chosen Bot Color Scheme
/pgpanelw : Set Panel Colorization as White Background and Black Text
/pgpanelb : Set Panel Colorization as Black Background and White Text
/pgbgs : Set Panel Background Scheme to Solid
/pgbgd : Set Panel Background Scheme to Alternate Dark/Light/Dark
/pgbgl : Set Panel Background Scheme to Alternate Light/Dark/Light

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