Pocas Ticket Show
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Hidden Cam Tickets sold with ascending prices

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Hidden Cam Sequential Tips
http://chaturbate.com/apps/sourcecode/hi dden-cam-sequential-tips/?version=&slot =0

There is now an option to allow fans and mods to watch for free. They get added on entering the room, so if they are already in it when the app is launched, they will have to refresh.

Note that once the goal is met, the cost of joining the show increases to one more than the goal value and remains at that amount. For example, if the tips are ascending from 1 to 11, then when goal is met, the entry cost would be 12 tokens.

The hidden cam must be started manually (/start). This can happen anytime the performer chooses but we found that it is best to start right away and allow only those who tip in the sequence to see the hidden cam.

The black screen will tell folks what the next tip needed is.

You can manually add viewers (/add username, such as /add snowpup_1011).

To remove someone, /remove username. Go back to public broadcasting by typing /stop. Privates and groups, cannot take place when the cam is hidden and the app may have to be deactivated before you can accept.

Type /viewers to see a list of all who can see the cam when it is hidden.

Type /check username to see if a specific user (replace username with the CB name you are checking) to see if a particular user can see you.

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