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Author: zingknaat
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Short Description:

A better way to do private shows without sending out passwords.

Full Description

Are you sick and tired of setting a password for your room? Why should you repeat yourself about when the private show will start? I mean, who's keeping track??? Why do all of this when an app can do it for you automatically?!

Well, that's what this app does. Simply, set the minimum tip amount you want for your private show, time (in minutes) before it starts, a notification time (in minutes), and allow/disallow late tippers to join.

The app is very easy to use. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below!

1) You launch the app and set the settings.
2) A user tipped your minimum amount and gets added to the guest list. To see the guest list, type /guestlist.
3) Once the countdown clock is 0, the private show will start automatically. Users who didn't tip the minimum amount WILL NOT be able to see your cam.
4) If you allow later tippers, users can still tip the minimum amount to get into the show.
5) If you've set a show length, a countdown clock will start ticking. Once the clock hits 0, the show will become public once again. If you wish to start a new show, simply type /restartapp.

**** COMMANDS ****
To see a list of users in the guest list, type '/guestlist'.

To add a user to the guest list, type '/add username'.

To remove a user from the guest list, type '/remove username'.

To restart the app without coming to this page again, type '/restartapp'.

To end the private show in progress, type /stopshow.

To change the countdown clock, type /changecountdown <minutes>. Replace <minutes> with actual numbers.

To change the private show price, type /changeprice <price>. Replace <price> with actual numbers.

To change the show length, type /changelength <minutes>. Replace <minutes> with actual numbers.

**** CHANGELOG ****
- Bug fixes

- Ability to set length of show
- A countdown clock will start as soon as the show starts if a show length has been set
- Ability to add/remove users to/from show
- Ability to restart the app without coming to this page
- Ability to end the show while in progress
- Ability to change settings on the fly
- Bug fixes


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