Roll The Dice!
Author: zingknaat
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Short Description:

Each dice roll reveals a prize. You set the 13 to 21 possible prizes and let the tippers play the game.

Full Description

How It Works

The user tip the amount you set in the settings and the app will roll the dice. Each roll will result in a prize. You may choose to repeat the prizes or not.

If you choose the traditional dice, there will be 13 possible prizes. The Chinese dice option will give you 21 possible prizes for your viewers.

Available Commands:
/prizes - List all available prizes
/prizes all - Show prizes to all if you're a mod or broadcaster
/winners - List the last 40 winners

Example of Prizes:
- show feet
- show cock
- show tits
- nothing
- blow kiss
- show butt
- play with butt
- play with dick
- show arm pit
- naked pushup
- (rare) cum
- (rare) masturbate
- (rare) shower show

Change Log:
- Bug fix

- New command for mods: /prizes all
- Bug fixes

- Simplified commands
- Bug fix

- New dice option
- New dice images
- More prize options added
- Much harder to get the rare dice
- Bug fixes

- New blank die
- New option to remove prizes that have been won. Default is set to No
- Simplified commands to /w and /p

- Increased odds of rolling a 13

- Bug fixes. Code optimizations.

- Bug fix

- Fix tip counter

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