Rossi's Game
Author: acoola
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Short Description:

Control the vibrator!

Full Description

This app was designed for Chaturbate broadcaster Rossi_mclaine. Rossi's game is simple, you control the Vibrator Speed! There is a minimum tip required to control the speed.

Even numbered tips will turn the vibrator on Low
Odd numbered tips will turn the vibrator on High

Don't let her cum to fast! You can pause the show by turning her vibrator off by setting the minimum tip amount to turn off the vibrator.

Turning off her vibrator lasts for the duration that you set.
Change Log:
Version 1.0
Initial Release.
- ACoola

Version 1.1
Swapped Last Tipper for Big Tipper. Added a way to see how much each person tipped.
- ACoola

Version 1.2
Fixed pause to pause and change the vibrator speed. Added a goal amount.
- ACoola

Version 1.3
Automatically hides all messages from Rossi's problem users.
- ACoola

Version 2.0
Silence Game added

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