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Author: 0_alpha_0
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Short Description:

Only "% Complete" of goal is shown not token amount

Full Description

*** This app supports Anonymous Tipping ***

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- Use this app if you want a "percentage-only" goal without goal-amount being disclosed (unless you choose to disclose it by putting it in your Subject/Goal-description)

- Does not require an external-encoder (OBS, X-Split) to display goal progress. This app provides "% Complete" in the Panel below the video which is familiar to viewers, easily readable, and does not block any of your video area

- Optional "Goal Met" image field (helps a reached-goal stand out in chat)

- Number of unique-tippers is shown in the 3rd-row of the Panel -- you can customize the Label on the launch-page (default = Lovers)

- Optional "Hashtags" field (these will be saved and auto-added after your Subject-text - saves retyping them)

- No per-tip Room Subject update spammed in chat

COMMANDS (Broadcaster, Mods, Dev)

/setokencount [#tokensreceived] - use to apply offline-tips at start of stream, and also useful in case of the app crashing to restore progress (e.g. /settokencount 369)

/setlovercount [#lovers] - use to apply offline-tippers to Lovers count, and also useful in case of the app crashing to restore the count (e.g. /setlovercount 37)

/tips - displays Total Tips Received + US Dollar Conversion (only shown to Broadcaster or Mod)

/publictips - displays Total Tips Received in public chat - in case there's a reason to share it

/goalamt - displays Goal token-amount set on launch page (only shown to Broadcaster or Mod)

/help - displays Commands-list (only shown to Broadcaster or Mod)

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