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Short Description:

Lets you create a Tip Menu for your Viewers, with optional or recurring goal.

Full Description

This App lets you create a Tip Menu for your Viewers, which they can see by typing '/menu' in the chat.

You can have Up to 10 Menu Items, but you need at least 2.

Set the price, and what you'll do, for example;

Item 1: Flash Boobies
Price 1: 50tks

Item 2: Flash Pussy
Price 2: 100tks

Make sure each item has a different price, and leave any unwanted menu items blank.

The First menu Item and Price will be displayed under your video, so make sure its one you want seen the most. The first Item can help draw attention to your room.

===Chat Commands===

/menu = Displays the Full Tip Menu to the user who typed /menu, but not the rest of the room.

/showmenu = Displays the Full Tip Menu to the whole room, only usable by the broadcaster.

=== Goal Options ===
You have 3 Options for a Goal with this app.

No Goal : The game can just run on and on without an end.

Goal : Standard Goal, Counts up to your chosen goal amount then displays a "Goal Reached!" Chat message when reached.

Auto-Reset Goal : Goal counts all tips up to your Chosen goal amount, then resets back to 0 so you can start over.

=== Room Topic ===

This app does not change your room topic, so you can write whatever you'd like in your topic, and change it whenever you want without stopping the App. It's a good idea to write what you'll do at the Goal in your topic

=== Comments / Suggestions ===

Please Leave any Feedback below, good or bad.
Or If you have any questions about the app, or need inspiration for Prize Ideas, Let me know :)

10 Menu Options, Is it too many ? To few? Or just enough?

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