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Have multiple goals which change as you meet them, keeping tips moving. Never change goals again!

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Tip Multi-Goal by Mx2k6


Smaller goals mean viewers are more likely to tip, and you can make even more tokens - but until now that has meant either setting up your small goals and manually changing them as they're met, or setting up a goal like "at 200, X, at 500 X, at goal, X" and having to manually keep track of it.

With Tip Multi-Goal, you don't need to worry about that any more. Set up to 8 goals, and as tippers meet them the goal will clear and the next goal will automatically be set up. Hit the last goal, and a custom message automatically comes up and the goal clears (no more manually changing to "Tip if you enjoy"!) And if you're worried that this means people will stop tipping, then problem solved! You can just set up your last goal to loop forever instead.

A goal not working for you? Type /skip and move onto the next one. Wanting to drive more interest? Announce your next goal with /upnext. Wanting to hurry along the tippers? Just type /timer x (where x is a number from 1 to 60) to set a timer for how long you're willing to wait for the goal to be met. Feeling like being generous? Use /addtokens x (where x is more than 0) to add fake tips toward the goal. Or use /removetokens x (where x is more than 0) to remove tips from the goal.

You can also set the highest tippers to show up with a background, like Tip Goal King - colour schemes are supported, and fricking rainbow (random) is an option!

Repeating arbitrary goals is now a thing! You can now repeat any goal in your goal list a specified number of times simply by starting the description with a number followed by a "/" character. For example, "5/Remove a piece of clothing" would repeat "Remove a piece of clothing" 5 times before continuing with your goal sequence.

Hidden Show now supported! You can now choose from one of three options when your final goal is met. "Default" will change the subject to the message of your choosing (e.g. "Thanks to all tippers!"), "Loop last goal" will repeat the final goal ad infinitum, and "Start hidden show" will switch your cam into Hidden Show mode, with all new tippers having to pay your elected price to see. To encourage tipping to this point, all tips while building to this point allow a user entry into the hidden show when it starts.

Important note: the goals are not cumulative, they are incremental. This means that at each goal, the new goal starts from 0, not the previous goal. A goal 1 of 100, and a goal 2 of 200 means the total is 300, not 200.

Consider the following settings:

This would mean that the goal would start at "Shirt off" for 50 tokens, at which point it would reset to 0 and change to "Pants off", for 100 tokens, at which point it would change to "Finish" for 150 tokens. Each goal starts at 0, not at the previous goal.

If you have any issues, either email me at the address below or hit up the Disqus comments at the bottom of this page.


* /stats - Displays token stats, usable by broadcasters and mods
* /reset - Resets the goal back to the starting values, usable by broadcasters only
* /continue - In manual progression mode, moves onto the next goal. Only usable when the goal has been met and in manual progression mode. Usable by broadcasters only
* /skip - Skips a goal
* /upnext - Announces the next goal to the room
* /timer - Sets a timer for the goal to be met in minutes
* /timer stop - Stops the running timer
* /addtokens - Adds a "tip" to the goal, incrementing if necessary
* /removetokens - Removes a "tip" from the goal, decrementing if necessary
* /setcolors - Sets a new tipper highlight theme - see below for the theme names!
* /hidden - toggles a hidden show on or off
* /hidemsg - sets the message during a hidden show to the specified text
* /admit - grants a user access to the hidden show
* /unadmit - removes a user from access to the hidden show
* /tickets - lists all users with access to the hidden show

* /gift - if you have a hidden show ticket, gives it to someone else

* /unmute - if you have disabled grey user chat, allows the specified user to chat
* /mute - disallows the specified previously allowed user from chatting if grey chat is disabled

* /add - Adds a new goal for the current session only, for with the specified token count and description
* /delete - Deletes the last goal for the current session only
* /support - Toggles a special mode to allow the developer to access the same commands as the broadcaster in order to assist you. Defaults to OFF.
* /help - Take a wild guess. Really.


The following colour schemes can be used for tipper highlighting. You can select these from the Launch App page, or by typing '/setcolors' followed by the scheme name.
* Legacy: High Tipper, High Total
* Pink: High Tipper, High Total
* Forest: High Tipper, High Total
* Sky: High Tipper, High Total
* Purple: High Tipper, High Total
* Sunshine: High Tipper, High Total
* Random: Picks a different colour theme every single time the high tipper speaks. Freaking rainbow, people!
* None: Doesn't highlight anyone's messages


v1.0 08/02/2013: First release
v1.1 22/02/2013: Added /stats and /reset commands. See Description for more
v1.2 08/03/2013: Added /skip (suggestion from jcummings)
v1.3 12/03/2013: Added /goals command for moderators and /upnext command for broadcasters. See Description for more
v1.4 13/03/2013: Minor cleanup to make code more readable. Modified /upnext to actually use the broadcaster's message instead of chat notice
v1.5 07/04/2013: Added some debugging code so I can get to the bottom of why chat commands don't always respond
v1.6 13/04/2013: Fixed an embarrassing bug where all broadcaster and debug commands were ignored
v1.7 20/04/2013: Tipper leaderboard now available on /stats output - see who your top 10 tippers are
v1.8 21/04/2013: Goal timer function now available - /timer x now sets a countdown to when the goal needs tp be in by
v1.9 05/05/2013: Stats junkies rejoice! /stats will now display an approximate token count per minute, to help you work out whether you'll make more tokens camming or flipping burgers. Also, tip goal king now stands out more!
v1.10 05/05/2013: Now optionally highlight your highest total tipper (light purple currently - make suggestions people!) so the one who contributes the most can show off too!
v1.11 05/05/2013: Timer stability improvements. Added timer debugging code. Type '/verbose' (broadcaster ONLY) to get precise dates and times of timer interval for when requesting support
v1.12 18/05/2013: Clarified stats text relating to per minute figures. Changed highest tipper to no longer have a green "fanclub" name until such time as we can change the colour to a custom one
v1.13 31/05/2013: Added ability for high tippers to "opt out" of being highlighted by typing "/donotwant" after they tip
v1.14 05/06/2013: Added ability to directly manipulate tokens toward goals with /addtokens and /removetokens. See /help for more
v1.15 02/07/2013: Timer now automatically clears if a goal is met rather than continuing on to zero
v1.16 03/07/2013: Added a sixth goal... HOW MANY DO YOU PEOPLE NEED?!? Also, fixed a bug where total highest tipper got notified even when their highlight is disabled
v1.17 04/07/2013: Allowed looping final goal if broadcaster chooses to
v1.18 05/07/2013: Time's up message (when timer is in use) now uses a graphic to draw attention to it
v1.19 19/07/2013: Notices (where applicable) now stand out more
v1.20 10/08/2013: Colour schemes for the tipper highlights (suggestion from ashley93bad), bug fixes for opt-out
v1.21 17/08/2013: More colour schemes added
v1.22 28/09/2013: Fixed an issue with /skip which could reduce ongoing goal token quantities. Added manual progression mode- app eats tips once each goal is met until superuser types /continue command
v1.23 16/11/2013: Added "Random" colour scheme
v1.24 07/12/2013: Added "Purple" colour scheme, changed "Timer Countdown" warnings to be orange (stand out more)
v1.25 21/12/2013: Changed to use new cb.sendNotice instead of cb.chatNotice, so we can send messages to entire groups
v1.26 06/01/2014: Removed redundant "Amethyst" and "Ocean" schemes. Cleaned up colour codes so I can add new themes easier (person responsible for this suggestion not talking to me. Sad face).
v1.27 10/01/2014: Added debugging code in case of an error I've been alerted to. IF YOU SEE THE NASTY ERROR MESSAGE, LET ME KNOW!
v1.28 20/01/2014: Updated parseOptions to quit parsing goals if a blank goal is found, which occurs if settings are incorrectly filled in
v1.29 01/02/2014: Added new "hide total tips" option, stats beefed up a (little) bit. Added '/support' command for broadcaster to grant developer broadcaster access. See notes!
v1.30 03/02/2014: Removed "/verbose" command. The verbose data was effectively useless anyway, so now if verbose is activated by the developer cb.log() is used instead. Also, fix for potential crash if random colour scheme used.
Also ran Resharper over the code to clean it up a bit
v1.31 06/02/2014: Fixed defect which caused panel to not appear until someone tipped
v1.32 09/03/2014: Added notification functions so that important actions are notified
v1.33 01/05/2014: Added ability to add goals at runtime with /add , or remove the final goal with /delete
v1.34 23/05/2014: Fixed a grammatical error in the panel that's been pissing me off for months
v1.35 25/05/2014: Added options for what to do at end of final goal, go hidden/repeat/default
v1.36 26/05/2014: Added ability to start hidden show at any time, no longer count entry fees towards primary goal
v1.37 27/05/2014: Fixed defect where crash could occur at final goal
v1.38 31/05/2014: Fixed defect where moderator notice didn't go to moderators. Also made it so fanclub members and mods get free admission to hidden show components. Fixed where hidden show wouldn't start unless it was set as the end goal action
v1.39 21/06/2014: Rationalised some settings. Slight refactoring in preparation for much larger refactoring. Fixed defect where mod notices went to entirely too many people. Goal setup a little more resilient
v1.40 24/11/2014: Changed so moderator messages go to room owner as well
v1.41 20/01/2015: Moderators now auto-added to hidden show (if they enter the room after the app starts. I can't detect them otherwise, and I'm not wasting CPU cycles checking the ACL every time they speak)
v1.42 08/02/2015: Changed so moderator messages only go to room owner once. For fuck sake. Also, starting a goal description with a number and a / repeats it that number times
v1.43 12/03/2015: Added preshow entry fee option. Also, fuck yo shit messaging. I think it works now. It probably doesn't. Whatever.
v1.44 13/03/2015: /addtokens now works for moderators if enabled. /removetokens does NOT.
v1.45 30/11/2015: New setting so that you can choose NOT to change the room subject on each tip. I think. Unless I got it backwards, or something.
v1.46 17/01/2016: Fixed defect where the application would crash if /upnext were used on the final goal
v1.47 31/01/2016: We no longer change the subject if it has been less than a defined number of tokens worth of one token tips. Yellow walls yo (thanks MissJanieJones)
v1.48 18/06/2016: Add a 60 second delay to goal-driven Hidden Show, because it's a little abrupt right now. Some refactoring relating to timers which will be rolled out more in v2
v1.49 19/06/2016: Add a "hashtags" setting to drop hashtags or other stuff at the end of the subject (after the tokens left counter)
v1.50 20/06/2016: Bug fixes
v1.51 26/06/2016: More bug fixes, added support for gifting Hidden Show tickets
v1.52 28/08/2016: Notice when hidden cam show is going to start to encourage tipping to join. Repeats at 30 second marker and at start
v1.53 30/12/2016: Bug fixes. Like an Uber update but less descriptive (somehow)
v1.54 28/01/2019: Added new grey mute feature. Unlike CB's built in, you can allow a grey to speak by typing /unmute and disallow them again with /mute


More suggestions needed guys! Come on, don't be shy!


More suggestions needed guys! Come on, don't be shy!


More suggestions needed guys! Come on, don't be shy!


* Allow broadcaster to reset back to the first goal without stopping and starting the app - this might require some stamina though!
* Allow mods to see the goal list with /goals
* Allow broadcaster to announce the next goal in the list with /upnext
* Leaderboard in /stats output - type /stats to see your stats including your top 10 tippers
* Goal timer. Sick of waiting for the goal to be met? Type /timer x and hurry those blues up! Sets up a timer that counts down until your goal offer is off the table
* Allow tracking of both goal king and sum goal king (highest tip and highest sum total tips)
* Allow directly manipulating tokens toward goals with /addtokens and /removetokens
* Allow broadcaster to loop the last goal infinitely (for example "tip if you enjoy" or "every x do something", in case the first several goals were progress goals toward a repeating goal)
* Manual progression mode. Allow broadcaster to set the goal to only increment once a command is entered
* Colour schemes for tip goal kings, because the set everyone uses sucks.
* Add ability to add a new goal at runtime and remove the last goal at runtime
* Hidden shows and shit
* Allow repeating a goal IN THE MIDDLE several times
* You can now set a minimum total tip to enter the hidden show before it starts.
* Hidden Shows now give a little more warning before starting
* And now you can add random hashtags. Yay I guess?
* Hidden Show tickets can now be gifted
* Grey chat can be muted by TMG without using CB's internal mute, allowing specified users to bypass the grey chat filter by using /unmute and /mute

Do you enjoy Tip Multi-Goal? Feel free to make feature suggestions and bug reports - I love hearing from people who are using my work. If I'm online, drop by and say hello - http://chaturbate.com/mx2k6/. And an offline tip or two wouldn't go amiss (though you're under no obligation to)!

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