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Customized version of Tip Multi-Goal3 by rhend99

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*********COPY #2 ***********
see chaturbate.com/apps/app_details/tip-multi-goal3/ for further details

Based on Tip Multi-Goal App (by mx2k6) plus New Features added:

1) a display of tokens left to reach the Overall Goal in addition to the current sub-goal (can be disabled)

Displays the number of tokens remaining until final goal, in the blue box, with a short overall goal description, that can be changed while the app is running. At launch you must input a short "Overall goal description" (max 11 characters), in addition to at least one individual goal, or disable the feature by entering 'x' instead. It can be later activated using /newoverall [description] while the app is running.

*** Different add-goal command: The original /add [tokens] [description] command from Tip Multi-Goal has been removed and replaced with /addnewgoal [tokens] [description] to handle the situation where a bonus goal is added after the final goal has been reached. It avoids issues with the room title and the tokens remaining till goal not reflecting the correct state in that scenario.

2) an Auto Thank-you, with randomized and customizable gifs or text (can be disabled).

Automatic Thank-You message consisting of a randomized permutation of 2 groups of customizable gifs or text phrases. One group with the theme thank you and one group with the theme youre the greatest. Customizable minimum threshold and additional tiers when 25+ and 100+ tokens are tipped.

3) Countdown Timer/Tip Jar

Displays time left. The broadcaster sets the # tokens required to extend the timer (defaults to 60 tokens/minute).
The time remaining and the description are displayed in the blue box
The # tokens required to extend the timer can be adjusted when the timer is running. See /tjhelp for details of commands. (/starttj for a Tip Jar where tips extend the time; /startt1 for a Countdown Timer not affected by tipping)
Also added 2 other timers displayed in blue status panel (1 countdown timer, one elapsed time) unaffected by tips

4) more statistics reported, Including
cumulative tokens tipped by that tipper are privately displayed on each tip
tokens and $ per minute, per hour and in total.
/stats x displays statistics and top x tippers (defaults to 0)

Supports anonymous tipping.

5) a recap of song requests contained in tip notes attached to a broadcaster-selected tip amount.

In launch screen, the Broadcaster can select a Tip amount for which any tip notes (eg a song request) will be saved and /songs will display a recap to the broadcaster and mods. /songx will clear that cached list.

6) Keeps track of subgoals reached and to be performed, and Menu Items tipped for (even if the Menu is managed by a separate bot). Broadcaster inputs in launch screen the pairs of Item/Price to be tracked, and broadcaster/mods can view the list at any time, hide them when they have been completed, or manually add items to the list.

The Item/Price pairs in 5C do not need to include items that don't need to be performed (eg "25-If you like me"), but should be updated and synched each time the menu is updated.

Other changes to the original Tip Multi Goal v1.53 by Mx2k6:
- Disabled the gifting of tickets
- Re-arranged the room title to make the number of tokens more visible in the index page
- Reduced the frequency at which the room title is refreshed, to reduce spam in chat
- Added a yellow wall announcement when tips are made in quick succession
- Improved Repeating Goals display to generate and include # of current goal.

See /help and /tjhelp for online help

=== Command Line Help ===
/stats [x] - displays token statistics and top [x] tippers (defaults to 0)
/room - displays the number of viewers currently in room and the number who visited, by color
/viewerlist X - displays the viewers with names starting with X who visited the room, even if they left (X can be multiple letters)
/goals - displays all goals and the time at which each was reached
/upnext - announces the next goal to the room (broadcaster only)
/skip - skips the current goal, and moves onto the next one (broadcaster only) (***NB Do NOT use this while using the Overall Goal function. Use /addtokens XXX instead ***)
/reset - resets goal status back to zero (broadcaster only)
/timer x - sets goal timer to x minutes (broadcaster only)
/mtimer x same as /timer above, to avoid conflicts with other bots (broadcaster only)
/timer stop - stops the running goal timer (broadcaster only)
/setcolors xxx - sets the colour scheme for high tipper highlighting (broadcaster only)
/hidden - toggles a hidden show on or off (broadcaster only)
/hidemsg - sets the message displayed on screen during a hidden show to the specified text (broadcaster only)
/admit - grants a user access to the hidden show (broadcaster only)
/unadmit - removes a user from access to the hidden show (broadcaster only)
/tickets - lists all users with access to the hidden show
/addtokens x - Adds an x token tip to the goal, incrementing if necessary (broadcaster only)
/removetokens x - Removes an x token tip from the goal, decrementing if necessary (broadcaster only)
/support - Toggles on/off support mode, which grants the developer access to assist you with commands - currently OFF (broadcaster only)
'/l' Displays List of Items tipped for and still outstanding
'/lb' Sends that List to the Broadcaster
'/lh [Seq #]' Hides the item with sequence # XX as completed
'/lc [Seq #]' Clears seq # XX and all prior ones as completed
'/la [Description]' Adds an item to the list eg subgoal completed
'/llog [Price] [Description]' Adds an item to the Menu Items being monitored
'/lmenu' Displays the Menu Items and Tip amounts being monitored

'/s' Displays List of Songs tipped for and still outstanding
'/sb' Sends that List of Songs to the Broadcaster
'/sh [Seq #]' Hides the Song with sequence # XX as completed
'/sc [Seq #]' Clears Song seq # XX and all prior ones as completed
'/sa [Description]' Adds an item to the Song List eg special request
/addnewgoal [tokens] [description] - adds a new goal (works both before and after reaching final goal) Should be accompanied by a corresponding SHORT description set in 4A, or updated in advance using /newoverall [short description].
/tjhelp - displays help for Tip Jar Timer

=== Tip Jar Timer Help ===
'/starttj [XX] [description] - starts a Tip Jar Timer with XX minutes and description (set in 5A, defaults to 60 tkns/min)
'/pause' pauses Tip Jar Timer countdown
'/resume' re-starts Tip Jar Timer countdown
'/addtj XX' manually adds XX bonus seconds to Tip Jar timer
'/newrate [tokens per min]' to change the tokens req'd to add time (overwrites 5A]
'/maxtime XX' changes maximum integer minutes allowed on timer (default is 6 min.)
'/stoptips' stops future tips from adding time (overriding Max Time)
'/allowtips' allows future tips to start adding to Time again, if previously stopped
'/endtj' cancels the running Tip Jar Timer immediately
'/help' displays general help on Tip Multi Goal 3

'/rtd ' (from Roll the Dice 2.0)
'/fbdice ' (from Fembot Ultra Bot)
Each command imports multiple lines of the list of winners formatted like "Notice: ....", into the list of menu items tipped for and to be performed. (see command '/l' above.) It excludes duplicates and transfers the time of teh dice roll from Fembot. Since RTD does not show the time of its dice rolls, the time of the import is used instead.

Free Show Tickets **********
'/freeshowon' turns on the Free Show feature
'/freeshowoff' turns off the Free Show feature
'/freeticketnewword ' set a new word, default "cum"
'/lf' list the pending ticket requests and create export command strings
'/freeissued ' mark the list of users who were issued tickets as hidden
'/freedump' dump list of all free ticket requests

=== Change log ===
Version 0.96 (4/15/2022)
Display each tipper's total tips during the current session to broadcaster and mods when they tip
Added feature to recognize a word typed by any user (including greys) to qualify them for free hidden show ticket or other benefit, and create a list formatted for export.
Added command utilities (/rtd and /fbdice) to import prizes won in "Roll the Dice 2.0" and Fembot Dice games, and add them to the tracked list of Menu Items to be performed by the model

Version 0.95 (6/8/2021)
Added Launch screen option to track & report Tip Note requests for a certain Tip amount, eg song requested.
Added section numbers to Launch screen

Version 0.94 (12/27/2020)
Minor updates and fixes to /stats output and Launch description page
Converted Tip Jar Timer to be denominated in seconds, not tokens
added periodic reminders (45 sec) when tipjar is running
added special nicknames in "Thank-You's"
use "x" or "X" in "overall goal" field to bypass overall goal feature and instead display last tip in line 2
in the the /stats XX output, added comma separated list of tippers for easy importing into CT etc
Added command /addtj XX to manually add XX bonus seconds to TJ timer
Added special gifs in TY for tips over 100 tkns from certain tippers who have personal gif's
Added thank you for buying video/photoset or joining FC

v0.93 8/16/2020 added Countdown timer/TipJar, see /tjhelp;
Minor edits to /stats output
Edited /addnewgoal to add the "filler" goal if already past Goal, and reduced the delay in updating the room title
v0.92 8/6/2020 Edited /stats display to include tokens/hr, $/hr, time since launch, top 20 tippers; changed /add command to /addnewgoal to avoid conflict with Fembot
v0.91 5/2/2020 supports anonymous tipping
v0.9 - 8/20/2019: Beta version

Based on Tip Multi-Goal by Mx2k6 v1.53 (30/12/2016) (NOT the latest version)
With modifications/fixes incorporated in codgod69-multigoalApp2 by cb_kyle Version: 0.9 (12/13/2018)

For assistance and feature requests, please send details below or (for faster response) in a 1-token tip note at chaturbate.com/rhend99/

For details of & commands for the original Tip Multi-Goal by mx2k6, see chaturbate.com/apps/app_details/tip-multi-goal/

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