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Short Description:

Token Keno

Full Description

Start by setting a goal description. Set the number of tip numbers to place on the board (up to 120).
Optionally set prizes that will be randomly placed under board numbers or placed under the numbers you specify.
Options that may require further explanation:

Highest Number on Board

Sets the highest number on the board (current max is 120)
Lowest Number on Board

Sets the lowest number on the board
Cleared Board Goal Description

Describe your goal. Assumes this will happen when all the numbers are called, otherwise, clearly describe in your goal.
Fixed Tip Amount

All board numbers cost the same. If the viewer tips this amount (or more), they are prompted to choose one of the remaining board numbers to play. Leave this option blank to play the original version of the game (viewers tip the board number instead of a fixed price). Please note, viewers will be unable to send you a message with their tips if this option is enabled. Also note, the multi-tip and group tips options are disabled if using this setting.
No random prizes below this number

The app will not randomly assign a prize below this number.
Special prize for the MVP at game end

Set a special prize for the viewer with the most tips at game end.
Call multiple numbers with big tips?

If set to 'yes', tips received that don't hit a board number will call the next lowest number. The tip will continue to call the next lowest number with leftovers.
Show leader board?

If set to 'yes', will display the top 3 tippers every few minutes. Displays the leader board when there is a change in the top 3 tipper standings.
Allow group tipping?

If set to 'yes', tips that don't hit a board number will open up the current highest board number to "group tips". Small tips from multiple tippers lead a group goal on the highest number. Use this along with the multi-tips option to ensure all tips "count" towards a cleared board. Can get creative with this feature; a small board with a range of high numbers acts as a multiple goal cam session.

Other Info:

Example Number of Squares / Tip Yield if cleared:

10 / 55
25 / 325
30 / 465 (default)
50 / 1275
100 / 5050
List of commands:

/b = See the token board status
/p = See the prizes remaining on the board
/lb = See the leaderboard

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