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Fun game for the viewer but agony for the broadcaster

Full Description

The Torture App (it's not really torture) controls a game wherein viewers take control and determine when, if ever, the broadcaster gets to coom (You may have seen it spelled cum, but I assure you it is coom). Also, includes additional options for an Insta-coom, mutes, and for the broadcaster to add or change a toy or change position. The broadcaster can either decide on her own or, if feeling particularly adventerous, let the tipper decide the toy or position. Not only does this option give the viewers an extra element of control (thereby generating more tokens), but also helps to keep things creative and interesting.


The broadcaster may wish to set additional goals while playing Torture. There is an option to set up to 4 different goals on the launch page. Once a goal is reached it will automatically move to the next goal if there is one. The broadcaster may set different tip amounts for each goal as the goal amount resets each time it is reached. This is beneficial in that it keeps the token amount low, which has been proven to have a psychological affect on tipping.

Additionally, the broadcaster may skip the current goal while the app is running or add additional goals. If a goal is skipped the tokens from the previous goal are automatically credited to the new goal. Conversely, if a new goal is started while there isn't a current goal, the tokens amount is reset to zero.

Special Features

Contains fully customizeable options to give Fan club members free starts and stops during torture. When fan club members enter the room, they recieve a notice informing them how many free starts and or stops they have. Those with free starts or stops post the appropriate gif (can either use the default freestart freestop gifs or the broadcaster can choose different ones on the launch page) in chat and the app takes care of the rest.

Option to use customizeable "team tags". If a viewer predominately tips for good items (starts, unmutes, insta-cooms) he recieves the "Team Go" tag. Conversely, if he predominately tips for evil items (stops, mutes, canceling insta-cooms) he gets the "Team Stop" tag. Each tag can be customized with either an emoji or a text tag on the broadcaster's launch page.

The broadcaster may designate one or more moderators to have broadcaster level access to the app. These mods will be able to manage the torture app, adjust the various statuses if necessary, and modify the room subject, which is useful for times when the subject needs updating, but the broadcaster is busy. (Also, useful for correcting typos that the broadcaster made in setting up the subject.)

Available Commands

If you find this app to be useful and or you have suggestions please leave a comment or tweet me @boondog19. I would love to hear from broadcasters who are using this app.

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